Making of Novacam’s First ‘How to’ Video

Lights, camera, action. Doing a "how to" video is a quick and easy project, but it does entail a little brain gymnastics. Not only does Mike, Senior Applications Specialist at Novacam, have to pretend that the camera is a person, he also has to talk at the same time as he is doing.
Set up sometimes takes more time than the actual video. In fact we should probably do a video on that! Here we see Mike diligently making sure everything is properly configured and our own Mélanie,  Senior Instructional Designer at Neurobox, making sure there is enough light and that angles will accent the right elements.
Now some pre shooting visualization...
Mike: "I'm an expert at hand puppets too. Should we throw a couple of those in?"
Oups now we have the passes...eventually.
Then onto more serious things...take one last look at the plan.
And we are rolling.
Take a look at the finished product... click on the slide.