Learning 2.0: How digital networks are changing the rules

"In the dawning knowledge age, how well we live will depend on how well we learn," said the 24th Governor General of Canada, Ray Hnatyshyn, in the 1991 Speech from the Throne. Little did we know that with the arrival of Web 2.0 this statement would become the silent concern of every knowledge worker on the planet. Web 2.0 seems to be placing the power in the hands of the individual, while being self-propelled and digitally-savvy may the most important meal-ticket of the future. The endless flow of connective knowledge is picking up strength, and finding our place in the chaos can be disorienting, noisy, tiresome and may even leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. So how can we harness the power of digital networks and Web 2.0 tools to thrive in the possibilities?

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Smart Learning

Knowledge is power. Power to sculpt the life we want, power to invent, power to make money, power to help others, etc. The concept of "high impact learning" often gets thrown around, but between the concept and the reality there can be a gap...n'est-ce pas. In fact, research in self-directed learning will tell us that there is much more to high impact learning than just learning. Whether you are an HR person looking to jack up the volume on your company's learning culture, or an individual wanting to make your learning more effective and purposeful, take a look at our Smart Learning framework to see if you are hitting all the bases...

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Motivation is probably one of the most illusive aspects of learning. As educators and communicators, we are constantly scratching our heads about how to make content more interesting, more relevant, more useful...make it stick better. And despite the tons of research done on the topic, the recipe to attention and retention remains ineffable. However, John M. Keller has collected much of this research in his book "Motivational Design for Learning Performance" and devised a succinct framework that help think about the variables that contribute cranking up motivation.

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