Mélanie L. Sisley CEO and Chief Instructional Designer

Mélanie Sisley B.ed. M.A. has been working in communication and education for 20 years. She started back in 1998 when the Web was really taking flight and rapidly became the IT thing (pun intended). A trained teacher, technical communicator and learning therapist, she is also an amateur artist, Web developer, movie editor, photographer, and can make musical arrangements as well as graphic design. Her thesis-based master's degree was on the self-directed learning strategies of knowledge workers.

She has transformed thousands of hours of material from insects, to ethics, software, technology, jewelry and soft skills--most of which was treated through rich media tools.  With such an eclectic list of ingredients to her background, Mélanie has the rare ability to visualize content both analytically and artistically. Her brain layers computer coding, drawing, storytelling and movie production all at once. A self-directed learner par excellence, she can work with just about any software out there.  Content design is her passion.  She is a risk-taker, intelligent, quite funny, light-hearted and rather fun to have coffee with.

Want to contact Mélanie directly: msisley@neurobox.ca

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Hans Christian Zaun PhD.--Scientific consultant

Hans is our resident scientific communicator. A molecular biologist by trade, after 20 years on the research bench, Hans has taken the leap into scientific communication and education.  Hans is dedicated to science in every possible way, from cutting edge research techniques to government policy, to explaining the concept of germs to his 5 and 7 year old daughters.

On top of his doctorat, Hans has a certificate in communication and business relations. But aside from his big brain, he has a great sense of humour and impressive knowledge of pop-media.

Want to contact Hans directly: hczaun@neurobox.ca

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Julia Gerke - Communications consultant

Julia has been working in the fields of journalism and communications for more than 15 years. Her love for words is only rivalled by her love for books and top-notch online search results. A skillful words smith, she has a natural instinct in gauging the culture and vibe of her target audience. Most importantly, she is savvy problem solver and has the calm assertive energy that makes every challenge seems easy. 

She stands firmly behind the designs and concepts that Neurobox produces, especially after having seen some of them in action. She appreciates the creativity and hard work that goes into a communication or learning solution, even though the end product makes it seem effortless and easy!

Want to contact Julia directly: jgerke@neurobox.ca

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