IOS  and Android Apps

Mots Cassés

This is a literacy game that helps French readers improve their fluency with some of the typically difficult sounds. It also practices spelling those sounds in their different representations. Mostly for young readers, but also works in dyslexia remediation and adult literacy.

HTML5  Games and Quizzes

A book and teacher in one package

Our vision is to make books that include many of the popular media tools such as videos, micro explanations (à la Khan Academy, or In Plain English) that create interests and interactivity. In short, it would be a book that comes complete with the teacher to explain it. This is a relatively new branch in Neurobox's offering. Thus we are looking for opportunities to create content using the e-book format.

But we have been playing around...

Watch the demo to see if this product fires your neurones with ideas on your own content.

Given the novelty (for us), we need practice. If you would like to give us the opportunity to explore this with you, we would be willing to do it at a reduced priced.