If you have a lot of material (documents, videos, tutorials, photos, etc.) you may need a user-friendly interface to put them in. It could be a website, or even a mobile app.  A library will give your users an easy way to find the information they need when they need it.

Joâ Grenier is a Montreal based jewelry designer. She designs theme-based jewelry and accessories for museum shops of cultural/historical sites. The objective of each collection is to capture the style and spirit of the exhibit and offer visitors a memorable keepsake. She needed a website to showcase and archive the multiple projects she works on every year as well as showcase her amazing talent...and of course, we couldn't resist giving a few tidbits about the paintings and art.

For this project, Neurobox did it all: the photography, the writing, the translation, the design of the Website and the programming. It was a turn key project that fed our soul with beauty and talent.