Irrepressibly creative and agile at connecting high impact ideas, Neurobox is first and foremost an activist for your talent, innovation and knowledge. Created in 2008, the company started as Mélanie L. Sisley's, Senior Instructional Designer, freelancing label. She had the good fortune of collaborating with so many smart organizations and smart people.  It became all too apparent that we all have something to teach or an innovation to share and someone who is in need of our unique expertise. Thus capturing your talent and giving it a voice is what underpins Neurobox's mission.We build custom communication tools ranging from the basic article to websites, videos, ebooks, eLearning as well as technical/scientific communication and strategic learning consulting .

Neurobox is an education and communication company that specializes in creating rich media content that captures your expertise and talent. Rooted in education, we leverage the techniques and tools of popular media and television as well as the principles of social communication to encapsulate your innovations.


What is your story? What do yo make? What do you sell? What can you teach your community? Who needs you? Whether you are an individual, a company, a non profit organization, a publisher, we can help you raise your media volume and help you shine.

Still not convinced? We can do a prototype for free...