eLearning is where the journey with instructional design began. I started in about 2001 (before it was even called eLearning) and have since produced over 1000 hours of content across various areas.

 Science and Technology


Continuing education for pharmacists in collaboration with Technomedia Training–click for a demo

Whether it is a computer software or a difficult scientific concept, a research tool or a research procedure, there is a huge benefit to a well crafted explanation in this field. We love the complexity of finding the right tone and language for more specialized audiences all the while bringing a simplicity to concepts and making it all fit into a world we can all relate to.

Educational Games for Children and Teens

A very different audience, kids use eLearning too. The accent in designing applications for a younger audience


Expert Space in collaboration with NDI media and Scholastics–click to view demo

is intuitiveness and motivation. You gotta keep them interested! Indeed, it is a mindset that serves for every audience and is a lot of fun (and work). Take a look at a demo of an application we built for Scholastics.

Diversity and Ethics Training

Étique et courtoisie professionnelle (Ethics and professional courtesy) is the professional code of conduct for Québec lawyers. Commissioned by the Québec Bar, this module was produced by NeovoxMédia with Neurobox as the eLearning consultant.

We have also developed an expertise in code of conduct training and general training in professionalism and ethics. From engineers, to aerospace workers,  to telecom workers, to lawyers, to insurance specialists, bringing people to see the issues that pose ethical dilemmas has both a legal and personal component. There are the ‘should’ and ‘should not’, the ‘must’ and ‘must not’, but there is also “I’m going to lose my job if I don’t” and the “it would go so much quicker if I cut this corner.” In other words, some things are black and white, but others are in complex shades of grey often tied to our upbringing, our personalities and our fundamental beliefs. Thus we believe that imparting a professional standard code of conduct must also be a self-reflective exercise that allows participants to explore their possible weaknesses in a safe way. As this content is high confidential, we have no demos available…

Management, sales and customer service

Scenario based customer service training where participants are to go through three stories and provide coaching to the customer service representative to apply the best approach in dealing with some of the most common difficulties encountered with customers.

A popular favourite and a necessary evil, we have done a good body of soft skills training. Communicating and illustrating what underpins the subtlety of treating people well is tricky. Whether it is a manager or a call service representative, a business development person or even a hospital caretaker, they all have one thing in common: they deal with people…the good, the bad, the super talented, the lost, the sad, the scared, the you-name-it. There are many known good practices in this field, thus our job is to look at which of those good practices suit your needs and find a strong communication/education solution that will lead your people in an upward spiral of productivity, fulfillment and integrity.