Video is pretty much the most impactful tool available in this, the age of millennials. Today, you have to be with-it, to the point, relevant and clear.  Neurobox offers various services to create videos that inform, explain and ultimately sell. We can film your content, write narration scripts and do the voice-over, the music and of course edit the video.  And if cost is what is holding you back, Neurobox will do a prototype for free. If you like it, we have many different solutions that can suit all budgets.

Here are some examples of our videos:

Mots Cassés French Spelling Tricks

Novacam Profilometry & OCT Systems Worldwide

production details: research, scriptwriting, videography, photography, voice-over, music and video editing (turn key). Teaching Tips

production details: content coordination, videography, photography, music and video editing.

Tsuyosa Martial Arts: Promo Video

production details: videography and video editing


Customer Testimonials

"Neurobox did a great job for Novacam's website, creating all the video content.The videos were very much appreciated by our partners and clients who have said they have a much better understanding of our product. Moreover, I believe they have contributed directly to sales".
Miljenko Lucic, Senior Applications Specialist, Novacam Technologies