A High Impact Impact Communication Approach that Hits Targets: ARCS

What is the recipe behind an effective communication approach? In other words, how can you make your message "stick?" More emotional connections, less clutter, more meaning, less text, more text, less detail, more detail, smaller chunks...right? There are tons of effective communication approaches and good practices to chose from.  Then you have to consider the array of different learning styles.  So how can you create a communication tool that will speak to your audience? Finding the right mix between the objective of your message, the audience profile, the available ressources and the tool itself can make your head hurt...and you may still not get it right.

The truth is there is no one recipe to effective communication. So when confronted with this, we go back to the basics.  As with all things potent and engaging, it's all in the angle. Finding the shape, the colour and the feeling of your message is a delicate process that requires both instinct and science that starts with asking the right questions. For this, Neurobox, begins by using the ARCS model for motivational design. This guides us to craft the right questions that will uncover the hooks, angle, mood, weight and reinforcement to take the audience into a sphere of meaningful engagement for all learning styles. This is our tool to make sure the audience is at the heart of any communication approach and ensures the content is significant to them.

Then, it's all about the prototyping (see our article Quantity vs. Quality) Instead of going through a lengthy process of detailing the framework of the tool, we like to jump right in an build a rapid prototype. This is an awesome way to help see the content in action and get a meaningful discussion going. The prototype helps clarify exactly what the tool should be doing. It can also be used in focus groups. This way you get a quick feedback loop which will help verify how the messages are perceived by real people. Generally, your own unique communication strategy emerges from there and the guidelines becomes crystal clear. When dealing with communication, we believe there is no cookie cutter solution. We will even do small prototype for free.

ARCS Model