John M. Keller goes right for the educational "jugular" in his research on motivation. Learning motivation is by far the most illusive and yet the most impactful element in communication and education.  In his book Educational Design for Learning and Performance Keller pools together much of the thinking and research around the notion of learning motivation to then present his ARCS model for learning performance. A very useful and succinct framework, ARCS encompasses many of the key elements that feed ones attention and retention that suits all learning styles.

Giving a message shape, colour and feeling is a delicate process that requires both instinct and science. Really the key is asking the right strategic questions.  The ARCS model for motivational design  serves as guide in considering what are the hooks, angle, mood, weight and reinforcement needed in order to get the audience's attention and take them into a sphere of meaningful learning. This is Neurobox's main tool to ensure there is a balance between the participant's needs and the business objective.