JoaGrenier Inc. increases sales by 15% since collaboration with Neurobox

Joâ Grenier is a highly talented Montreal based jewelry designer. She creates themed based jewelry for art exhibits and cultural sites. Some of her pieces can be found at the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal, several museums in Paris via Culturespaces, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas (to name a few). Her talent and craft is unique. But she attributes her success to hard work and a rock solid commitment to quality.

It was to our total delight to hear that last year she recorded a 15% increase in sales.  The company also added two new American partnerships.

While visions of pearls, gems and crystals dance in her head, Grenier entrusted Neurobox to help with her communication material. Aside from some strategic planning, in more tangible terms, Neurobox designed and produced the website, makes the catalogues, and does the photography for every piece that comes out of the studio.

This has become a passion project for Neurobox.  Joâ Grenier Inc. takes us out of our science and tech comfort zone into the world of artisanship, museums and fashion–well not that far, Mélanie Sisley , our chief instructional designer, was a museum panel writer once upon a time ago. And as with almost all projects, Sisley saw an educational component to these precious pieces.  Each design draws from an artist, an art period or a historical period. In turn, we presented each collection within its historical/artistic inspiration to root its significance–even though they are beautiful without knowing what inspired them.

Not only is it filled with beauty, art and history, Joâ Grenier Inc. puts kindness and humanity at the center of its company values. We will work hard to ensure that 2019 continues this trend and grow a company that connects art and history to elegance.




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