Are you knowledgeable or knowledge-ABLE?

For the sake of a little context, let me state the obvious, digital media is having a profound impact on how knowledge is created, shared, transformed and consumed. In the last 20 years, we have gone from being passive consumers of knowledge to active creators of meaning. Yes I know, not all of us are

Motivational Design for Learning Performance: ARCS

John M. Keller goes right for the educational “jugular” in his research motivational design for learning performance. Motivation is by far the most illusive and yet the most impactful element in learning.  In his book Educational Design for Learning and Performance Keller pools together much of the thinking and research around the notion of motivation to then

Smart Learning

by Mélanie L. Sisley “High impact learning” is a term I often hear in the organisational training literature and community. It ‘s a theme that conjures all kinds of thoughts and feelings for me. For instance, am I a high impact learner? What  does low impact learning look like? What are the ingredients that make